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Julie Wilcox

Author of The Win-Win Diet

Julie Wilcox is author of The Win-Win Diet: How to be Plant-Based and Still Eat What You Love, founder of Julie Wilcox Wellness Consulting, co-founder of ISHTA Yoga, and an adjunct professor of Leadership and Wellness, a course she developed for Simmons University. Julie earned her Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at New York University and her Bachelor of Arts degree at Harvard College.

She is a member of the board of directors of Quincy Asian Resources Inc. (QARI), an NGO providing social services, food security and wellness to immigrant populations, as well as the Beracha Foundation in Israel. She serves as Executive Wellness Director of Jewish Orthodox Women’s Medical Association (JOWMA) and brings her expertise to numerous other non-profit organizations. Julie’s mission is to educate and coach her clients and students rigorously yet non-judgmentally, so that through self-leadership, self-care, self-value, self-acceptance, and self-efficacy, they may achieve their highest level of well-being.