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JOWMA has compiled informational podcasts and documents to keep community members informed and safe. Click the links below to read our response efforts, Mikvah guidance, as well as listen to our podcasts regarding COVID-19. All information we provide is guided by the most recent guidelines from the Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control.

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JOWMA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting, empowering, and advancing the careers of Jewish female physicians. We aim to develop leadership and education, while cultivating networking and mentoring opportunities within the Jewish female community. 

NEW! JOWMA Preventative Health Hotline!

The JOWMA Preventative Health Hotline aims to educate listeners about relevant topics such as safety and injury prevention, mental health resources, vaccine safety and more!

Call 929-4- GEZUNT now!

NEW! JOWMA Preventative Health Podcast!

Every Thursday, as an extension of the Preventative Health Hotline, JOWMA releases podcasts, so that you can stay informed on the latest health topics, while preparing for Shabbat, or commuting back from work!

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  1. We hosted an inaugural event with over 100 physicians, trainees, and pre-medical students.

  2. We partnered with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to create the 100% free and confidential JOWMA vaccination hotline to increase acces to the MMR vaccine. The original hotline was then expanded to create the JOWMA Preventative Health Education Hotline and features up to date, reliable and accurate health information. To date, the hotline has received over 1,000 calls.

  3. We launched a membership platform that now includes a base of over 200 Jewish female physicians, fellows/residents, medical students, pre-medical students and high school students interested in medicine.

  4. We hosted our first annual JOWMA Symposium 2020, which was attended by over 200 Jewish female physicians, trainees, and pre-medical students for a day of professional development, continuing medical education, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities.

  5. JOWMA is now in the midst of launching a two-part webinar learning series focused on pertinent health education topics within the Jewish community. Each webinar will contain 2 parts: the first dedicated toward healthcare professionals, while the second is intended for the community. Our first webinar series will discuss HPV and highlight important aspects of the HPV virus, disease, and vaccine prevention.

  6. The JOWMA Preventative Health Committee has launched a successful hotline and podcast to distribute accurate and up-to-date healthcare information to the Orthodox Jewish community. 




In the Spring of 2019, we partnered with the NYC Department of Health and the Visiting Nurse Service of New York to create the JOWMA Preventative Health Vaccination Initiative; a response to the recent measles outbreak in Orthodox neighborhoods in New York. The anonymous hotline fielded 100+ calls per day from patients from the community and arranged for private in-home vaccinations staffed by JOWMA physician volunteers. Hundreds of callers listened to messages about vaccine development and safety and the dangers of vaccine preventable illnesses. JOWMA volunteers answered dozens of e-mails, calls, and text messages about vaccines and spent countless hours debunking anti-vaccine myths and helping Jewish families get vaccinated.

Now that the Measles outbreak in NY has subsided, due to overwhelming requests from the Jewish community, we have re-established the JOWMA Community Health Hotline with a new phone number (929-4-GEZUNT or 929-443- 9868), and will offer recordings on a wide variety of health topics, ranging from vaccine education to injury and illness prevention to mental health screenings to nutrition and pediatrics and elder care. Our messages are created by volunteers within the medical field and are specifically geared to the Jewish Orthodox community in a culturally- sensitive manner. The hotline launched with original recordings on the HPV vaccine, post-partum depression, childhood behavioral health, Chanukah fire safety, and flu prevention. We will continue to add more topics as we build a health education repository that is uniquely tailored to the health needs of the Orthodox Jewish community.

For more info, to provide a recording, or to volunteer, please email Dr. Maureen Nemetski and Dr. Alissa Minkin at

Our Community Education Committee focuses on providing health education and awareness to the Jewish community. Our first initiative is to create a webinar series featuring important updates and resources on a variety of topics related to health issues that are pertinent to the Jewish community. Our first webinar will feature the HPV vaccine.

For more info, or to volunteer, please email

Our Mentorship Program focuses on matching residents, medical students, pre-medical students, and high school students interested in medicine with established, well-known physician mentors. The goal of our Mentorship Program is to provide mentorship, career counseling, guidance, research opportunities, networking, and general support to religious Jewish women who are pushing a career in medicine. Our physician mentors are from all different fields of medicine and we will mentees to mentors according to their medical interests. To date, we have 50 matches made! 


Please note, our Mentorship Program is only available to active members.

For more info, or to sign up as a mentor or mentee, please email

Jewish Preventative Health Committee

Providing preventative health services to the Jewish community.

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Providing health education and awareness to the Jewish community.


Providing mentorship and support to religious Jewish female physicians and trainees.

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