JOWMA now offers a unique mentoring program for its members.


Welcome to the JOWMA mentoring page! The goal of the mentorship program is to assist aspiring frum female doctors to connect with mentors that will provide guidance from high school and on. The program provides assistance with career selection, development, maintenance, and growth. Networking, career opportunities, research, and companionship are only a few of the aspects that this program offers. It is a special opportunity to connect with like minded people to help each other grow to their maximum potential. Whether you are a high school, college, medical school student, resident, or even attending, this program has something great to offer you!

So please, sign up for mentorship - you will not regret it! It is one of the many services we are happy to provide you with as part of your JOWMA membership!


Are you a frum female physician looking to guide the next generation? Fill out the Mentor form below to get started.

Are you a high school or undergraduate student and want some guidance from someone who understands the specific hurdles of an Orthodox woman in medicine? Request a mentor!

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