JOWMA Preventative Health Podcast

The JOWMA Preventative Health Podcast aims to share preventative health information geared to members of the Orthodox Jewish community. 

Below, please find our released podcasts as well as the corresponding transcripts.

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Check out our podcasts on COVID-19:

Answers to Community Questions about COVID19: East Hill Synagogue Medical Symposium

COVID19 New York Community Call-in and Q&A: Part 1

In this series, frum medical professionals get together on a phone call to answer some common questions and bust myths regarding the Coronavirus.

COVID19 New York Community Call-in and Q&A: Part 2

In this series, frum medical professionals get together on a phone call to answer some common questions and bust myths regarding the Coronavirus. Hosted by: Blima Marcus, DNP, Oncology; Miriam Lieberman, MD, Dermatology; Moshe Cohn, MD, NYU Pediatric Intensivist; Menachem Kirschenbaum, DO, Pediatrics. 

Our New Normal: Reopening After the Storm of COVID19

Dr. Hindi Mermelstein is a psychiatrist with specialization in geriatric psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine.

COVID19: It's Here...But Still Don't Panic, Wash Your Hands, and Prepare

Dr. Ellie Carmody practices at NYU and Bellevue and is an infectious disease doctor and has a Master's in Public Health. She is interviewed here by Dr. Alisa Minkin regarding the current COVID-19 public health concern.


COVID19: Must There be a Second Wave?

Dr.Daniel Grove is a pulmonary and critical care specialist and assistant director of critical care at Medstar Union Memorial Hospital in Maryland, and author of the blog mycovidjourney.

Dealing with the Emotional Fallout of COVID-19

Perella Perlstein is a psychologist and assistant professor of psychology at Touro College. She has a clinical practice in Brooklyn, NY.

Back to School... and COVID-19

Dr. Ellie Carmody is an Infectious Disease physician at NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Director of the Infectious Disease Clinic at Bellevue Hospital Center.

Unmasking the Myths of COVID19 with Dr. Naor Bar Zeev

Dr. Naor Bar Zeev PHD MPH MBBS(Hons) M Biostat is the Deputy Director of the International Vaccine Access Center and Associate Professor of International Health and Vaccinology at the Johns hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He is a pediatric infectious disease physician and a statistical epidemiologist.

Yid Parenting: Back to School with Rabbi Yitzie Ross

Rabbi Yitzie Ross is a dynamic 4th grade Rebbe at the Yeshiva of South Shore in Hewlett, New York, as well as the author of the popular blog and column Yid Parenting.

Check out our podcasts on other popular topics:

How To Fool Yourself Less Often: Medical Decision Making for Regular People

JOWMA interviews Dr. Jonathan Howard, NYU neurologist, acclaimed critical thinker, and published expert on cognitive biases in medicine.

Healing Through Stories: Drama Therapy and Witness Theater

JOWMA interviews Sally Grazi-Shatzkes, drama therapist, convenant award winner, and creator of Witness theater.

Just Eat Real Food

Dr. Alisa Minkin, General Pediatrician, interviews Dr. Debbie Herst, Australian GP and advocate for healthier diets focusing on less sugar and processed foods.


How To Lose Weight...and Keep it Off

Dr. Alisa Minkin, General Pediatrician and Co-Chair of the JOWMA Preventative Health Committee, discussess importanat weight loss topics with Registered Dietician, Aliza Beer, who specializes in creating personalized weight-loss plans for people of all ages. Aliza can be reached at, by phone at 516-984-3333 or on her website, 


Catch Them Before They Fall: Atidenu

Chana Perel Handler, Master level social worker and founding director of Atideinu, a unique proactive program to keep children emotionally healthy, talks to Dr. Alisa Minkin.

Baby Skin 101

Miriam R. Lieberman, MD, FAAD, is a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in medical and cosmetic dermatology for adults and children. Dr. Lieberman received her medical degree and completed her residency training in dermatology at the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center. Dr. Lieberman is committed to quality patient care with a high priority on health education and preventative wellness.


Ask The Expert: ADHD and Autism, Q &A with Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician Dr. Amir Miodovnik

Dr. Amir Miodovnik is a developmental -behavioral pediatrician , former Chief of Developmental Pediatrics at Maimonides Hospital , who currently is practicing at Neurabilities Healthcare in New Jersey.

How to Fool Yourself Less Often Part 2

JOWMA interviews Dr. Jonathan Howard, NYU Neurologist, acclaimed critical thinker, and published expert on cognitive biases in medicine.

Egg Freezing: Fertility Preservation with Dr. Bat-Sheva Lerner Maslow

Dr Bat-Sheva Lerner Maslow is double board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and reproductive Endocrinology. She is the Director of Research at Extend Fertility. She provides the full spectrum of infertility care at Extend Fertility and Premium health Center, including fertility preservation.

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